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About Viva la Vida
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Viva La Vida Hostel is all about a whole new dimension of new invention, social travel accommodation and public spaces for all the age group. Our vision is to lead the way in a new generation of hostels. Our hostel design and event driven hostels which is stylish, contemporary, central, social, and safe.

Our mission is to provide the cool, affordable accommodation in India. Our goal is to excite the sense and be innovation with a wide ranging, concept and thematic appearance. We collaborate with technology and culture all values about being stylish, social and safe.

"Viva La Vida" is a Spanish name which means “live your life”.
Viva La Vida started out in 2018 as a three Backpackers partnership in Varanasi the holy capital of India. Three backpacker’s united somewhere and decided a theme, “Viva La Vida where you live your Life ”.